Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Beijing, the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) is China’s leading global non-governmental think tank with more than ten branches and overseas representatives. At present, CCG has over 100 full-time researchers and personnel that are committed to research in the fields of globalization, global governance, international relations, talent internationalization and enterprise internationalization.



CCG is a member of the “Belt and Road” Think Tank Alliance, a founding member of the American Research Think Tank Alliance established by the Ministry of Finance, a National Talent Research Facility, the site of the China International Professional Committee for Talents of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs, a national Postdoctoral Programme research center and holds United Nations “Special Consultative Status”.



After over a decade of development, CCG has become an influential think tank in the promotion of globalization in China. The authoritative Global Go To Think Tank Index Report released by the University of Pennsylvania has consecutively ranked CCG in the top 100 global think tanks, reaching 94 in 2018 and named CCG the leading non-governmental Chinese think tank. Many reputable domestic and international rankings regularly name CCG as the top non-governmental think tank in China.

About CCG